Thursday, July 26, 2018

Former Deputy Ricardo Dorato Visited LIF

Ricardo Dorato was the author of an essential law to start to organize LIF. Thirty years after its enforcement, he explored the facilities and met with directors.

In 1987, Ricardo Dorato was a provincial Deputy who presented a law project in the Lower House of Provincial Congress. This project proposed to create the Laboratorio Productor de Fármacos Medicinales (LPFM) into the zone of influence of the Health Ministry.

While it is true that LIF has existed and operated since 1947, its activity hasn’t satisfied the Health Ministry’s demands.

Public institutions like LIF had been abandoned until 1983 after seven years (1976 - 1983) of military dictatorship where a lot state’s capacities were reduced to the minimum. Due to this, private production of consumer goods and services for the population were the main objectives.

The new law (Dorato’s law) gave the legal framework to improve LIF’s capacities and to promote more medicines production after the restoration of the democracy.

Producing medicines to provide to hospitals, with a low cost, without intermediaries and marketing were the main objectives in the Law N° 10.069, as well as the incorporation of more technology to increase LIF’s production volume and guarantee the quality of its medicines.

LIF’s Board of Directors: Diego Bruno, Jorge Stettler, Guillermo Cleti and Carlos Arques; Horacio Coutaz (Trustee) and Roberto Ganin (General Manager) received Ricardo Dorato and his son Sandro.

First, the visitors met with LIF’s Board of Directors and then they explored LIF’s facilities.

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