Friday, October 5, 2018

LIF’s Directors Met with Ph.D. Dohyeong Kim from University of Texas in Dallas

He is a well-known researcher from Korea. Today, he works at the University of Texas. He met with Directors and explored the facilities.

LIF’s Board of Directors: Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno, Jorge Stettler and Guillermo Cleti; Horacio Coutaz, Trustee, and Roberto Ganin, General Manager welcomed Dohyeong Kim and had a meeting where they exchanged information about the public production of medicines, as well as the different researches that Kim has been making.

Dohyeong Kim specializes in administration, planning and public politics. He is Associate Professor at the University of Texas in Dallas. He has a Master´s degree in Public Administration and Planing, and a Doctorate in Urban Planning and Health Politics by the University of North Carolina.

After meeting, the visitor explored the facilities together with Roberto Ganin.

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