Wednesday, March 30, 2011


On February 24 and 25, the LIF SE’s Director Guillermo Cleti, participated in “The International Seminary-Workshop Sovereignty in Health and New Regional Financial Architecture II (SoberanĂ­a en Salud y Nueva Arquitectura Financiera Regional II)”

This Seminary was organized by “Technical Commission for the New Financial Architecture - Banco del Sud” which took place in Quito Hotel, Quito city.

The Pharmacist Guillermo Cleti talked about “Public Production Medicine Policy”.
He started his dissertation talking about medicine public production and then he gave information about LIF's growth in medicine production in the last three years.
Finally, he participated in different technical workshops and he kept meeting with ENFARMA* Managers where they were discussing the possibility of signing a very important agreement of “Collaboration and mutual assistance” between LIF and ENFARMA.

* ENFARMA: Ecuador’s National Drugs Company.