Friday, April 24, 2015

LIF’s Directors visited Veterinary School

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     LIF’s Directors: Guillermo Cleti, Diego Bruno and Daniel Salomón visited the Veterinary School of the UNL*.
     Veterinary School is located in Esperanza (it is a city in the center of Santa Fe province). It has an important Center of comparative medicine (CCM).
     LIF’s Directors were welcomed by Dr. Hugo Ortega (CCM’s Director).
     First, they had a meeting and then they visited the different areas (production of different animal species, biological tests, quality management and storage).

*UNL: Universidad Nacional del Litoral - National University of the Litoral.

New emergency care system

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     Santa Fe’s Government increased in 83 the number of ambulances for the Emergency Care System.
     Antonio Bonfatti (Santa Fe’s Governor) and Mario Drisun (Health Minister) led the ceremony which took place in Santa Fe city.
     Different hospitals of Santa Fe province received 54 ambulances with high emergency equipment; 25 patient transport ambulances and 5 minibuses.
     The Government act had a place where there were different stands with health information.

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     LIF participated in this ceremony with its own stand in which LIF’s staff members gave information about public production of medicines.
     LIF’s Directors: Diego Bruno, Daniel Salomón and Carlos Minatti (Trustee) participated in this ceremony.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meeting with the National Health Minister

Dr. Mario Drisun (Health Minister of Santa Fe and Chairman of LIF’s Executive Committee) had a meeting with Dr. Daniel Gollan (National Health Minister).

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     LIF’s Board of Directors: Guillermo Cleti, Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno and Daniel Salomón, also participated in the meeting.
     Training for health human resources (HHR); strengthening the primary healthcare system and public production of medicines (PPM) were the main topics in the meeting.
     “The regulation of the National Law Nº 27113 will be available soon. This regulation will allow us to organize the work that public laboratories have been making in the last years in a better way”, said Daniel Gollan.
     The Law Nº 27113 created the Agencia Nacional de Laboratorios Públicos (ANLAP)*.
     “The financing of the R&D of new medicines and the production of these medicines in public laboratories will be some of the projects led by ANLAP”, said Gollan.
     “We have had an excellent meeting. We consider the health and the medicines like common good so, the State must be present. The National Health Ministry wishes to continue working with LIF and LEM** through REMEDIAR Program(1).”, said Mario Drisun.
     “National Government and Santa Fe Government have a lot of health topics to work together. Our main objective will be to strengthen the public healthcare system”, said Drisun.

*ANLAP: National agency that to meet public laboratories of medicines.
**LEM: Laboratorio de Especialidades Medicinales - It is a public laboratory from Rosario Town Hall.
1 - REMEDIAR Program: It is a National Program. This program delivers medicines in more than 7000 public healthcare centers in Argentina.