Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Annual General Meeting

     On Thursday the 30th, Mario Drisun (President of LIF’s Executive Committee) led the Annual General Meeting at LIF.
     Ezequiel Ruani (Legal Adviser of the Health Ministry) participated as a Government Representative.
     LIF’s Board of Directors Guillermo Cleti, Diego Bruno, Daniel Salomón and Carlos Arques participated in the meeting in which the annual report and financial statement for 2014 were approved.
     Carlos Minatti (LIF’s Trustee) and Roberto Ganin (General Manager) also attended the meeting.
     After the meeting all the presents shared a lunch with all the LIF’s staff members in the backyard.
     “It is very important and a personal satisfaction for me to share this lunch with you previous to Work Day”, said Mario Drisun.
     “Santa Fe is leader in public production of medicines in Argentina and you are responsible for that. Every day you produce medicines for a lot of people. They are users of the public health system in Santa Fe and in other provinces. Without the LIF’s medicines they couldn’t get a treatment for their illnesses. I want to highlight your work and commitment with the population”, said Mario Drisun.