Monday, June 16, 2014

LIF's Board of Directors received Senator Miguel Lifschitz

     On June, 12th, Engineer. Miguel Lifschitz* (Rosario’s Provincial Senator) visited LIF.
     LIF’s Board of Directors welcomed the provincial legislator and then they had a meeting in which they gave information about the different activities and projects that LIF has been developing for Santa Fe province and for National Government.
     Mariano Cuvertino (Social Economy Director of Santa Fe Municipality) was another visitor that participated in the meeting together with Miguel Lifschitz.
     Carlos Arques, Guillermo Cleti, Diego Bruno and César Daniel Salomón (LIF’s Board of Directors), Carlos Minatti (Trustee) and Roberto Ganín (General Manager) participated by LIF.
     After the meeting, all of them visited the different areas.

*Engineer Miguel Lifschitz: former Mayor of Rosario city. Nowadays he is Provincial Senator by Rosario Department.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lecture about Public Health for General Practitioners.

El LIF participó del Curso de Salud Pública organizado por Residencias Médicas del Ministerio de Salud de la Provincia de Santa Fe.
The lecture took place on May, 23rd in Nodo Reconquista headquarters.
Daniel Salomón (LIF’s Director) gave a lecture about the management model of public production of medicines that LIF has made in Santa Fe Province for more than sixty years.
The main objectives of these activities are to give information to GPs* about the correct use of medicines, their public production, costs and safety update reports.
Other important people who attended this meeting were Elvia Gómez (Director of Biochemistry and Pharmacy - Santa Fe’s Health Ministry) and Laura Bugna (Safety Update Reports Coordinator - Santa Fe’s Health Ministry).

*GPs: General Practitioners.