Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LIF and the orphan drugs

Recently, LIF made the second production of Ephedrine* 3 mg tablets.

This production was made for one child from Formosa who has a rare disease called Myasthenia gravis* (MG).

In 2008, this child couldn’t get the medicine because Ephedrine is no longer used as from that year for medicine production. (See Forza gate, 2008, Argentina).

After two years of paper work, LIF could make Ephedrine tablets with an ANMAT’s approbation so in 2010, LIF made the first production and offered a solution to this problem.

Orphan drugs are drugs that can’t be found in the market because the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t produce them since they are not economically beneficial.

* Ephedrine:
*Myasthenia gravis: