Thursday, November 15, 2012


Last week an agreement of “Mutual collaboration and assistance” was signed between LIF and IAPOS (Santa Fe’s social health insurance for civil servants).

The main objective is to deliver high-quality medicine at affordable prices for IAPOS and to give mutual assistance to improve healthcare, guaranteeing the efficiency and making the best use of the resources.

Background of LIF and IAPOS

In 2008, the Health Ministry of Santa Fe signed an agreement of mutual collaboration with IAPOS and Pharmacist’s College to carry out actions related to birth control, to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to reduce maternal death.

In 2009, the Health Ministry of Santa Fe started the provision of LIF contraceptives to women who were sexually active within the public health system and IAPOS coverage.
From May 2009 to date LIF has delivered 34,557 contraceptive cycles to IAPOS and 1,187,056 contraceptive cycles to the Health Ministry of Santa Fe to use in the public health system.