Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Meeting of the ANLAP's Executive Committee - Centre Region

ANLAP’s Board of Directors and members of different laboratories from Centre Region participated in the meeting. It took place at LIF.

     ANLAP* called a meeting of laboratories who are located in the Centre Region of the country (Córdoba, Santa Fe and San Luis).
     Patricio de Urraza ( ANLAP’s President), Santiago Villa (ANLAP’s Director), Jerónimo Chaparro ( ANLAP’s Director), Jorge Zarzur (ANLAP’s Executive Director), Daniel Sabena (Hemoderivados LAB), Fernanda Pesado (LEM SE), Diego Bruno (LIF SE), Daniel Salomón (LIF SE) and Guillermo Cleti (LIF SE), participated in the meeting.
     Members of Laboratorios Puntanos (San Luis) and Laboratorio Municipal (San Francisco - Córdoba) were absent with previous notice.
     The activity took place at LIF headquarters in Santa Fe city.
     During the meeting, they made an analysis about the real situation of the public production of medicines (PPM) and agreed the activities for the first part of the year. Also, they analysed different possibilities to produce medicines for The Health Ministry of The National Government.
     Roberto Ganin (LIF’s General Manager) and Carlos Minatti (LIF’s Trustee) also participated in the meeting.
     “At the beginning of the 2016, we offered 1 million tablets of Paracetamol 500 mg to The National Government. In this moment, Paracetamol tablets still can be very useful to treat patients with dengue disease. We might produce more Paracetamol if The National Government needs it”, said Diego Bruno.
     “Since 2014, LIF has been developing a FONARSEC (1) project. This project has a 60% of the budget from MINCyT(2). In the last months, this project has received a negative impact by inflation and it will need a financial aid from MINCyT. We have given all the information to ANLAP’s Directors because in the next days they will have a meeting with MINCyT’s members”, said Guillermo Cleti.

*ANLAP: Agencia Nacional de Laboratorios Públicos - National Agency of Public Laboratories.
1 - FONARSEC is a financial instrument through which LIF received funds to improve its capacity of production.
2 - MINCyT: Ministerio de Innovación, Ciencia y Tecnología de la Nación - National Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology.