Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa Fe’s Governor visited LIF

      Santa Fe’s Governor, Dr. Antonio Bonfatti, visited LIF where he had a meeting with the LIF’s Board of Directors.
     In this meeting, the LIF’s Board of Directors gave information about different activities such as: medicines production for Santa Fe province; the recent agreement with the National Health Ministry by which LIF will produce some medicines for REMEDIAR program; the news medicines developments and the project to build a new administrative area.
     “Today, there are 104 staff members, almost 40 employees more than 5 years ago. For that, we will need to build more offices”, said Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Director).
     “Today, Santa Fe is a national example. Here, Public production of medicines is a true state policy.
     Since 2007, we have supported the growth of LIF with an important investment in building, training and technology”, said the Governor.
     Finally, the different production areas were shown by the LIF’s Board of Directors.
     Hugo Marcucci (Santa Fe Senator) and Miguel Gonzalez (Health Secretary) also participated in this visit.