Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lecture at Federal and International Meeting of Medicines

     Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Director) participated in the 13th Federal and International Meeting of Policy, Economy and Management of Medicines.
     It is an annual meeting organized by FEFARA*. This year took place at Howard Johnson Hotel & Resort of Pilar (Buenos Aires), on July 2 and 3.
     Every year, pharmacists from different places attend this meeting to exchange and receive information about medicines.
     Guillermo Cleti gave a lecture entitled: “The challenge of quality from the State”.
     Investment, planning, designing and training were some topics presented by Guillermo Cleti.
     Silvia Boni (Directora Evaluación Tecnologías ANMAT) and Pablo Baremboin (Laboratorio Montserrat Eclair), participated with Guillermo Cleti at the forum.

*FEFARA: Federación Farmacéutica Argentina - Pharmaceutical Federation of Argentina.

LIF participated in a meeting of Public Laboratories

     On August the 18th and 19th, LIF’s Board of Directors: Guillermo Cleti, Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno and Daniel Salomón; Trustee, Carlos Minatti and General Manager, Roberto Ganin, participated in a meeting of public manufacturers of medicines.
     The activity took place in the National Health Ministry (Buenos Aires city) and was organized by the Secretary of Politics and Institutes, and the Secretary of Community Health.
     Daniel Gollán (National Health Ministry) and Federico Kaski (Secretary of Promotion and Sanitary Programs) welcomed the attendees.
     Members of eighteen different laboratories from eleven governments around the country attended this meeting.
     Different lectures and workshops were delivered during these two days.
     On the second day, Carlos Arques gave a lecture about management of a state society.
     Mario Rovere (Vive National Health Ministry), Rogelio Rodriguez (ANMAT’s Director), Raquel Mendez (INAME’s Director), Jorge Zarzur (Executive Director of the National Program of Public Production of Medicines) and Patricio de Urraza (ANLAP’s President) also participated in the meeting.

     ANMAT: Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica. National Regulatory Agency of Medicines, Foods and Medical Devices.
     INAME: Instituto Nacional de Medicamentos - National Institute of Medicines.
     ANLAP: Agencia Nacional de Laboratorios Públicos - National Agency of Public Laboratories.

Production of medicines for the National Health Ministry

     LIF’s Directors, Daniel Salomón, Diego Bruno and Carlos Arques participated in a meeting in the National Health Ministry.
     Federico Kaski (Secretary of Promotion and Sanitaries Programs), Jorge Zarzur (Executive Director of the National Program of Public Production of Medicines), Patricio de Urraza (ANLAP’s President) and Mauricio Monsalvo (General Coordinator of REMEDIAR Program) participated by The National Health Ministry.
     The Health Ministry’s members gave the present the quantities and the list of medicines that REMEDIAR Program is going to need for the second part of this year.
     Members of other public laboratories such as LEM from Rosario city and Hemoderivados from National University of Córdoba also participated in the meeting.

LIF finished the medicines provision for REMEDIAR Program

     In July, LIF delivered 2.577.890 tablets of Simvastatin.
     LIF reached the 11.880.000 tablets of Simvastatin and thus, it could give a good answer to the REMEDIAR’s requirements in due course
     Between 2014 and the first part of 2015, LIF has delivered more than 71.000.000 tablets to the National Health Ministry.
     Metformin, Glibenclamide, Paracetamol, Enalapril and Simvastatin were the medicines produced by LIF.