Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lecture at Federal and International Meeting of Medicines

     Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Director) participated in the 13th Federal and International Meeting of Policy, Economy and Management of Medicines.
     It is an annual meeting organized by FEFARA*. This year took place at Howard Johnson Hotel & Resort of Pilar (Buenos Aires), on July 2 and 3.
     Every year, pharmacists from different places attend this meeting to exchange and receive information about medicines.
     Guillermo Cleti gave a lecture entitled: “The challenge of quality from the State”.
     Investment, planning, designing and training were some topics presented by Guillermo Cleti.
     Silvia Boni (Directora Evaluación Tecnologías ANMAT) and Pablo Baremboin (Laboratorio Montserrat Eclair), participated with Guillermo Cleti at the forum.

*FEFARA: Federación Farmacéutica Argentina - Pharmaceutical Federation of Argentina.

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