Friday, October 9, 2015

LIF participated in the 7th Provincial Lecture of nursing

LIF had a stand and donated meters of blood pressure and pulse oximeters. Lecture about Treatment of hazardous waste.

     Nurses from across Santa Fe province participated in the “VII Lecture of Nursing”.
     This year the slogan was: “New stages for health teams”.
     The lecture was organized by UPCN* and took place on September 7th, 8th and 9th at the UPCN’s country club.
     At the beginning of the lecture, Mario Drisun (Health Minister of Santa Fe) and Jorge Molina (UPCN’s General Secretary) welcomed the attendees.
     César Colliard (Health Responsible of UPCN), Mercedes Landaia (Nursing Chief of Santa Fe) and Diego Bruno (LIF’s Director) were also present.
     LIF had a stand where staff members gave institutional information.
     Noelia González (LIF’s Environmental Management Technician gave a lecture about Management of Dangerous Waste
     LIF donated 10 meters of blood pressure and 5 pulse oximeters.
     In the last day, those equipments were raffled between the attendees.

UPCN* (Unión Personal Civil de la Nación): it is the labor union for provincial employees.

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