Monday, November 30, 2015

Training between LIF and FIQ - UNL for FONARSEC project

LIF made a training plan together with professionals from Facultad de Ingeniería Química de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral (FIQ - UNL)*.

     The main objective was to apply different methods to characterize powders. Principally, these powders will be used to produce pharmaceutical forms through direct compression process.
     Through these methods someone can determine if a powder is suitable to use under direct compression process.
     The Graduates María Cecilia Balbi y Marianela Ciotti gave the lecture about these topics.
     FONARSEC is a financial instrument through which LIF might be able to get funds to improve its capacity of production.

*FIQ - UNL: Facultad de Ingeniería Química – Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Students from La Salle Jobson School visited LIF

Students of the 5th year knew the Laboratory.

     Students of the 5th year from La Salle Jobson School, visited LIF.
     These students will get their degree in Bachiller in Natural Sciences. They arrived at LIF together with teachers from the school.
     First, they watched an institutional video and then they received information about “LIF Management Model”.
     After that, the different areas (production, quality control and storage were shown.
     Silvina Mugni (Quality Control Manager), Rosana Mandrile (Co Technical Director), Edgardo Ramírez (Health Service Attention), Facundo Arques and Melina Uriarte (Communication Area) participated in this activity by LIF.

Creation of the ANLAP’s Executive Committee

Meeting of public laboratories of medicines. It was in Córdoba. LIF’s Directors participated.

     LIF’s Directors: Carlos Arques and Guillermo Cleti participated in a meeting of public laboratories of medicines.
     The activity took place in Laboratorio Hemoderivados’ headquarters in Córdoba and was organized by the National Health Ministry through the Secretary of Politics and Institutes, and the Secretary of Community Health; ANLAP and Laboratorios Hemoderivados of UNC*.
     Members of different laboratories around the country such as Santa Fe, Rosario, Buenos Aires, San Luis, La Plata, Misiones, Mendoza, Corrientes, Chaco, Formosa and Córdoba attended this meeting.
     The main objective of this meeting was to create the Executive Committee of the ANLAP*.
     Patricio de Urraza (ANLAP’s President), Jorge Zarzur (Executive Director of the National Program of Public Production of Medicines) and Arturo Hoya (ANLAP’s Advisor) led the meeting.
     Carlos Arques and Guillermo Cleti were designated members of ANLAP’s Executive Committee.

     ANLAP: Agencia Nacional de Laboratorios Públicos - National Agency of Public Laboratories.
     UNC: Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - National University of Córdoba.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Students from UNER* visited LIF

UNER’s students visited LIF and received a lecture. They want to get the degree Technician in Medicine Production.

     The visit was organized by General Pharmacology subject (UNER) like a final academic activity.
     First, the eighteen prospective Tecnician in Medicines Production watched an institucional video at the multiple uses room (MUR).
     Then, Carlos Arques (LIF’s Director) gave a lecture about Public Production of Medicines.
     After that, Silvina Mugni (Quality Control Manager), Marina Olivarez (Production) and Reinaldo Micheloud (Storage) showed the visitors the different areas.
     Finally, everybody jointed for a lunch at the MUR.

*UNER: Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos - National University of Entre Ríos.

LIF participated in a lecture organized by Hospital Vera Candioti

     The lecture took place in the Hospital Vera Candioti (HVC).
     HVC’s professionals and workers received information and advice about attention of children and old people with short sight.
     Soledad Jordán (Occupational therapist and Graduate in Visual Rehabilitation), Analía Bisegna (Teacher of Special Education for people with visual impairment) and Vanina Castellaro (Teacher of Special Education for people with visual impairment) gave the lecture.
     LIF collaborated with the printed material for the activity.

LIF participated in the 7th Provincial Lecture of nursing

LIF had a stand and donated meters of blood pressure and pulse oximeters. Lecture about Treatment of hazardous waste.

     Nurses from across Santa Fe province participated in the “VII Lecture of Nursing”.
     This year the slogan was: “New stages for health teams”.
     The lecture was organized by UPCN* and took place on September 7th, 8th and 9th at the UPCN’s country club.
     At the beginning of the lecture, Mario Drisun (Health Minister of Santa Fe) and Jorge Molina (UPCN’s General Secretary) welcomed the attendees.
     César Colliard (Health Responsible of UPCN), Mercedes Landaia (Nursing Chief of Santa Fe) and Diego Bruno (LIF’s Director) were also present.
     LIF had a stand where staff members gave institutional information.
     Noelia González (LIF’s Environmental Management Technician gave a lecture about Management of Dangerous Waste
     LIF donated 10 meters of blood pressure and 5 pulse oximeters.
     In the last day, those equipments were raffled between the attendees.

UPCN* (Unión Personal Civil de la Nación): it is the labor union for provincial employees.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lecture at Federal and International Meeting of Medicines

     Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Director) participated in the 13th Federal and International Meeting of Policy, Economy and Management of Medicines.
     It is an annual meeting organized by FEFARA*. This year took place at Howard Johnson Hotel & Resort of Pilar (Buenos Aires), on July 2 and 3.
     Every year, pharmacists from different places attend this meeting to exchange and receive information about medicines.
     Guillermo Cleti gave a lecture entitled: “The challenge of quality from the State”.
     Investment, planning, designing and training were some topics presented by Guillermo Cleti.
     Silvia Boni (Directora Evaluación Tecnologías ANMAT) and Pablo Baremboin (Laboratorio Montserrat Eclair), participated with Guillermo Cleti at the forum.

*FEFARA: Federación Farmacéutica Argentina - Pharmaceutical Federation of Argentina.

LIF participated in a meeting of Public Laboratories

     On August the 18th and 19th, LIF’s Board of Directors: Guillermo Cleti, Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno and Daniel Salomón; Trustee, Carlos Minatti and General Manager, Roberto Ganin, participated in a meeting of public manufacturers of medicines.
     The activity took place in the National Health Ministry (Buenos Aires city) and was organized by the Secretary of Politics and Institutes, and the Secretary of Community Health.
     Daniel Gollán (National Health Ministry) and Federico Kaski (Secretary of Promotion and Sanitary Programs) welcomed the attendees.
     Members of eighteen different laboratories from eleven governments around the country attended this meeting.
     Different lectures and workshops were delivered during these two days.
     On the second day, Carlos Arques gave a lecture about management of a state society.
     Mario Rovere (Vive National Health Ministry), Rogelio Rodriguez (ANMAT’s Director), Raquel Mendez (INAME’s Director), Jorge Zarzur (Executive Director of the National Program of Public Production of Medicines) and Patricio de Urraza (ANLAP’s President) also participated in the meeting.

     ANMAT: Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica. National Regulatory Agency of Medicines, Foods and Medical Devices.
     INAME: Instituto Nacional de Medicamentos - National Institute of Medicines.
     ANLAP: Agencia Nacional de Laboratorios Públicos - National Agency of Public Laboratories.

Production of medicines for the National Health Ministry

     LIF’s Directors, Daniel Salomón, Diego Bruno and Carlos Arques participated in a meeting in the National Health Ministry.
     Federico Kaski (Secretary of Promotion and Sanitaries Programs), Jorge Zarzur (Executive Director of the National Program of Public Production of Medicines), Patricio de Urraza (ANLAP’s President) and Mauricio Monsalvo (General Coordinator of REMEDIAR Program) participated by The National Health Ministry.
     The Health Ministry’s members gave the present the quantities and the list of medicines that REMEDIAR Program is going to need for the second part of this year.
     Members of other public laboratories such as LEM from Rosario city and Hemoderivados from National University of Córdoba also participated in the meeting.

LIF finished the medicines provision for REMEDIAR Program

     In July, LIF delivered 2.577.890 tablets of Simvastatin.
     LIF reached the 11.880.000 tablets of Simvastatin and thus, it could give a good answer to the REMEDIAR’s requirements in due course
     Between 2014 and the first part of 2015, LIF has delivered more than 71.000.000 tablets to the National Health Ministry.
     Metformin, Glibenclamide, Paracetamol, Enalapril and Simvastatin were the medicines produced by LIF.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Culture and common good

     LIF’s Board of Directors received the Minister of Culture of Santa Fe province, María Angélica “Chiqui” González.
     At the beginning, the Minister González received information about public production of medicines in a meeting with LIF’s Directors.
     After the meeting, she gave a lecture to LIF’s staff members.
     “Santa Fe has a rich history in public production of medicines. LIF is an important actor in the health and culture of this province because LIF produces a common good and culture is also a common good”, said Chiqui González.
     Finally, the Minister of culture received first-aid kits to use in the different offices of the Ministry of Culture and she gave two books to LIF’s Directors with pictures and the history of Santa Fe.

Staff members from different CAPS* visited LIF

     Staff members from different Primary Health Centres from Nodo Santa Fe visited LIF.
     The visitors arrived at LIF in five different groups (one group per day during a week).
     At the beginning, they were shown the institutional video. Then, they received a lecture about LIF’s management and quality of medicines.
     After the lecture, the different areas (production, quality control and storage) were shown.
     Silvina Mugni, Oscar Prendes, Sebastián Reimondo, Marina Olivares, Sebastián Cabanellas, Reinaldo Micheloud, Edgardo Ramirez, Melina Uriarte and Facundo Arques participated in the different moments of these meetings.
     Every week, people from different places of the province, such as students, physicians, nurses, legislators and pharmacists arrive in LIF.
     One of the objectives of these meetings is to raise awareness about the public production of medicines.

*CAPS: centro de atención primaria de la salud (Primary Health Centre).

Friday, June 5, 2015

Meeting in the Sub Region Casilda

     Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Director), Elvia Gómez (Pharmacy Director of Santa Fe) and Edgardo Ramírez (LIF’s Customer Care) participated in the meeting that took place in the CAPS* Barrio Nueva Roma in Casilda.
     The main objective was to give information about medicines.
     Drug purchasing, rational use, treatment of expired medicines, production and delivery of medicines were some the topics developed by Cleti and Gómez.
     Members of hospitals and CAPS from different cities and towns attended this meeting.
     Sub Region Casilda includes these towns: Chabás, Sanford, Pujato, Arequito, Los Molinos, San José de la Esquina, Villa Mugueta, Fuentes, Bigand and Zavalla.

*CAPS: Primary Health Centres

LIF explained its Drug Safety System in Rosario

     Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Director), Cecilia Selis (LIF’s Technical Director) and Ana María Gonzalez (LIF’s Responsible for Drug Safety) participated in the meeting that took place at the Pharmacist College 2nd Division (Rosario city).
     Pharmacists of different public hospitals from Rosario and the region attended this meeting.
     The main objective was to show the Drug Safety System of LIF.
     The ANMAT’s normative Nº 5358/2012 determines the Good Practices of Drug Safety for manufacturers of medicines.
     “Everyday, LIF works for the efficacy, quality and safety of our medicines. For this reason we have contracted a pharmacist to develop the LIF’s Drug Safety System and in this way fulfill with the normative”, said Guillermo Cleti.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Annual General Meeting

     On Thursday the 30th, Mario Drisun (President of LIF’s Executive Committee) led the Annual General Meeting at LIF.
     Ezequiel Ruani (Legal Adviser of the Health Ministry) participated as a Government Representative.
     LIF’s Board of Directors Guillermo Cleti, Diego Bruno, Daniel Salomón and Carlos Arques participated in the meeting in which the annual report and financial statement for 2014 were approved.
     Carlos Minatti (LIF’s Trustee) and Roberto Ganin (General Manager) also attended the meeting.
     After the meeting all the presents shared a lunch with all the LIF’s staff members in the backyard.
     “It is very important and a personal satisfaction for me to share this lunch with you previous to Work Day”, said Mario Drisun.
     “Santa Fe is leader in public production of medicines in Argentina and you are responsible for that. Every day you produce medicines for a lot of people. They are users of the public health system in Santa Fe and in other provinces. Without the LIF’s medicines they couldn’t get a treatment for their illnesses. I want to highlight your work and commitment with the population”, said Mario Drisun.

Friday, April 24, 2015

LIF’s Directors visited Veterinary School

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     LIF’s Directors: Guillermo Cleti, Diego Bruno and Daniel Salomón visited the Veterinary School of the UNL*.
     Veterinary School is located in Esperanza (it is a city in the center of Santa Fe province). It has an important Center of comparative medicine (CCM).
     LIF’s Directors were welcomed by Dr. Hugo Ortega (CCM’s Director).
     First, they had a meeting and then they visited the different areas (production of different animal species, biological tests, quality management and storage).

*UNL: Universidad Nacional del Litoral - National University of the Litoral.

New emergency care system

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     Santa Fe’s Government increased in 83 the number of ambulances for the Emergency Care System.
     Antonio Bonfatti (Santa Fe’s Governor) and Mario Drisun (Health Minister) led the ceremony which took place in Santa Fe city.
     Different hospitals of Santa Fe province received 54 ambulances with high emergency equipment; 25 patient transport ambulances and 5 minibuses.
     The Government act had a place where there were different stands with health information.

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     LIF participated in this ceremony with its own stand in which LIF’s staff members gave information about public production of medicines.
     LIF’s Directors: Diego Bruno, Daniel Salomón and Carlos Minatti (Trustee) participated in this ceremony.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meeting with the National Health Minister

Dr. Mario Drisun (Health Minister of Santa Fe and Chairman of LIF’s Executive Committee) had a meeting with Dr. Daniel Gollan (National Health Minister).

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     LIF’s Board of Directors: Guillermo Cleti, Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno and Daniel Salomón, also participated in the meeting.
     Training for health human resources (HHR); strengthening the primary healthcare system and public production of medicines (PPM) were the main topics in the meeting.
     “The regulation of the National Law Nº 27113 will be available soon. This regulation will allow us to organize the work that public laboratories have been making in the last years in a better way”, said Daniel Gollan.
     The Law Nº 27113 created the Agencia Nacional de Laboratorios Públicos (ANLAP)*.
     “The financing of the R&D of new medicines and the production of these medicines in public laboratories will be some of the projects led by ANLAP”, said Gollan.
     “We have had an excellent meeting. We consider the health and the medicines like common good so, the State must be present. The National Health Ministry wishes to continue working with LIF and LEM** through REMEDIAR Program(1).”, said Mario Drisun.
     “National Government and Santa Fe Government have a lot of health topics to work together. Our main objective will be to strengthen the public healthcare system”, said Drisun.

*ANLAP: National agency that to meet public laboratories of medicines.
**LEM: Laboratorio de Especialidades Medicinales - It is a public laboratory from Rosario Town Hall.
1 - REMEDIAR Program: It is a National Program. This program delivers medicines in more than 7000 public healthcare centers in Argentina.

Monday, March 23, 2015

LIF continues producing medicines for REMEDIAR Program

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     Since 2008 LIF has produced medicines for REMEDIAR Program*. This has been a positive impact for LIF who has been able to expand its horizons.
     Until 2008, LIF only delivered its medicine to Santa Fe province. But in that year LIF met the GMP requirements of ANMAT and was able to produce medicines for other provinces, cities and the National Government.
     These productions were a great opportunity for LIF. The money earned from these sales were invested on building, new technology and staff training.
     In 2014 LIF produced more than 46 million of tablets for REMEDIAR.
     Since 2008 LIF has delivered more than 100 million of pharmacology units (tablets and bottles) to the National Government.
     Cefalexin, Amoxicillin, Paracetamol,Glibenclamide, Metformin, Enalapril and Simvastatin are some medicines produced by LIF..
     Now LIF continues producing medicines for REMEDIAR.
     This year, LIF is going to deliver 14 million medicines between January and June 2015.

* REMEDIAR Program is a national program that provides medicines to almost 7000 CAPS (Primary Health Centres) of Argentina

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

LIF incorporated new machinery for packaging process

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     LIF incorporated new machinery to print information on its packaging.
     Lixis PVS Pharmaceutical Packaging Control is going to allow LIF to make coding operations in the secondary packaging of medicines.
     Thus, LIF is going to be able to encode data traceability in the goods throughout the distribution chain (laboratories, drugstores, pharmacies and patients).
     Lixis PVS is going to be able to print the data in the secondary packaging like standard formats and and 2D Datamatrix codes (GTIN bar code, batch numbers, set and expiry date).
     This operation is going to allow LIF to identify individually each unit and to know its history.

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     Apart from that, through this process LIF is going to be able to meet the requirements of the Disposición ANMAT Nº 3683/2001.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

LIF might build its new laboratory

     LIF might build a new laboratory in Santo Tomé city.
     Santo Tomé is a city located only 9 km from Santa Fe city where LIF is the owner of eleven hectares of land.
     LIF made a FONDEAR* loan from the Ministry of Economy of the National Government to carry out this project.
     The Ministry of Economy of the National Government gives these loans to the companies and Nación Fideicomiso SA is responsible for its administration.
     At the beginning, the project has a budget of 140 millions (ARG) for building, equipment and machinery. Twenty percent will be contributed by Santa Fe Government.
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     The building will have a roofed area of 3013 square meters and will include: one production plant with two main segregated areas to reduce cross contamination, reception room, basic supplies storage, finished products storage, administration room, general dressing room, staff canteen and liquid effluent treatment plant.
     Today, LIF produces 100 millions of pharmacology units (PU) per year. Through this project, LIF might reach the 400 millions of PU per year.
     In one production area LIF will be able to produce hormonal tablets and common tablets in the other area.
     “This project will allow us to update our infrastructure and to reach higher production volumes” said Guillermo Cleti, (LIF’s Director).

*FONDEAR: Fondo Económico Argentino.