Monday, July 20, 2015

Staff members from different CAPS* visited LIF

     Staff members from different Primary Health Centres from Nodo Santa Fe visited LIF.
     The visitors arrived at LIF in five different groups (one group per day during a week).
     At the beginning, they were shown the institutional video. Then, they received a lecture about LIF’s management and quality of medicines.
     After the lecture, the different areas (production, quality control and storage) were shown.
     Silvina Mugni, Oscar Prendes, Sebastián Reimondo, Marina Olivares, Sebastián Cabanellas, Reinaldo Micheloud, Edgardo Ramirez, Melina Uriarte and Facundo Arques participated in the different moments of these meetings.
     Every week, people from different places of the province, such as students, physicians, nurses, legislators and pharmacists arrive in LIF.
     One of the objectives of these meetings is to raise awareness about the public production of medicines.

*CAPS: centro de atención primaria de la salud (Primary Health Centre).

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