Tuesday, March 10, 2015

LIF incorporated new machinery for packaging process

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     LIF incorporated new machinery to print information on its packaging.
     Lixis PVS Pharmaceutical Packaging Control is going to allow LIF to make coding operations in the secondary packaging of medicines.
     Thus, LIF is going to be able to encode data traceability in the goods throughout the distribution chain (laboratories, drugstores, pharmacies and patients).
     Lixis PVS is going to be able to print the data in the secondary packaging like standard formats and and 2D Datamatrix codes (GTIN bar code, batch numbers, set and expiry date).
     This operation is going to allow LIF to identify individually each unit and to know its history.

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     Apart from that, through this process LIF is going to be able to meet the requirements of the Disposición ANMAT Nº 3683/2001.

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