Monday, March 23, 2015

LIF continues producing medicines for REMEDIAR Program

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     Since 2008 LIF has produced medicines for REMEDIAR Program*. This has been a positive impact for LIF who has been able to expand its horizons.
     Until 2008, LIF only delivered its medicine to Santa Fe province. But in that year LIF met the GMP requirements of ANMAT and was able to produce medicines for other provinces, cities and the National Government.
     These productions were a great opportunity for LIF. The money earned from these sales were invested on building, new technology and staff training.
     In 2014 LIF produced more than 46 million of tablets for REMEDIAR.
     Since 2008 LIF has delivered more than 100 million of pharmacology units (tablets and bottles) to the National Government.
     Cefalexin, Amoxicillin, Paracetamol,Glibenclamide, Metformin, Enalapril and Simvastatin are some medicines produced by LIF..
     Now LIF continues producing medicines for REMEDIAR.
     This year, LIF is going to deliver 14 million medicines between January and June 2015.

* REMEDIAR Program is a national program that provides medicines to almost 7000 CAPS (Primary Health Centres) of Argentina

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