Monday, September 17, 2012

"Sildenafil is not for all”

LIF was present in the media  The topic of the week was “The sildenafil”.
Sildenafil is the drug commonly known for its commercial brand: Viagra.
Many mass media gave the information as “Santa Fe delivered Viagra for all”.
The media use the name “Viagra” because this brand was the first to appear in the commercial market of medicines. It is the drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. This pathology commonly appears in patients with diabetes and hypertension.
Our concept about this topic is different.
We at LIF say: “Sildenafil is not for all” because this medication will be delivered to the patients via a recipe and under medical control and supervision.
We consider that the expression “Viagra for all” may be used today because  exists a massive but incorrect use of Sildenafil. LIF proposes of a rational use.
Nowadays there is a recreational use by young adults although a lot of them don’t need this drug.

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