Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pharmacist internship at LIF

    The first pharmacist internship at LIF concluded in March. 
    This activity was the first experience since the agreement of “Mutual collaboration and internship” between LIF and Pharmacists’ College was signed in 2012.
    Pharmacist Alejandro Ferrarasi was the first graduate selected by both institutions. He gained instruction and experience in the practice of pharmaceutical industry during last nine-months. 
    Ferrarasi received formal training under the supervision of LIF’s Managers in different areas: production, quality, legal and quality assurance. 
    “It was a great learning experience for me. As a pharmacist student, I always wanted to know about the pharmaceutical industry. It was very interesting to practice at a state-run laboratory of medicines such as LIF”, Ferrarasi said.

Ph. Guillermo Cleti, Lic. Patricia Peirotti, Bioq. Diego Bruno, Ph. Alejandro Ferrarasi and Ph. Cecilia Selis

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