Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lecture at the UBA Law School

     Guillermo Cleti and Daniel Salomón (LIF’s Directors) participated in the lecture “Medication as social good” being organized by Observatorio de Salud and el Seminario de Investigaciones en Derecho y Salud del Instituto Gioja.
     The lecture took place in the UBA* Law School in Buenos Aires city.
     Lic. Marta Spinetto (Director of risk control and management - INAME - ANMAT), Dr. Juan Carlos Fernández (Director of Evaluation and Register of Medicines - INAME - ANMAT) and Dr. Jorge Rachid (Laboratorio de las Fuerzas Armadas’ Director) also participated in the lecture.
     Cleti and Salomón talked about the public production of medicines in the national context (PPM), current legislation, PPM’s main objectives, production costs; price fixing and management of a public company.
     Diego Bruno (LIF’s Director) also attended the lecture.

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