Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Health Committee of the Lower House, visited LIF

The Health Committee of the Lower House of Santa Fe province, visited LIF’s facilities and had a meeting with the Directors.

     LIF’s Directors: Diego Bruno, César Daniel Salomón and Guillermo Cleti welcomed the Health Committee’s members, Estela Maris Yaccuzzi, Patricia Guadalupe Chialvo, Raúl Augusto Fernández, Silvia Augsburger and Patricia Norma Tepp.
     Elvia Gómez (Medicines Network and Pharmaceutical Technology’s Director), Carlos Minatti (LIF’s Trustee) and Roberto Ganin (LIF’s General Manager) also participated in the meeting.
     First, the deputies had a meeting with the LIF’s Directors in which they received information about the different projects and watched an institutional video.
     Then, the members of the Committee and their advisors visited the LIF’s facilities such as production, quality control and storage.
     “We feel a great satisfaction when we receive visitors like you. LIF is an important tool for the public healthcare system in Santa Fe, through which the population can access to the medicines. It is essential for us to inform about our projects every time”, expressed Guillermo Cleti.
     “Since 65 years ago, LIF has produced medicines for Santa Fe. Since 2008, LIF has produced medicines for the whole Argentina. On the other hand, LIF has produced for a million people or for one with the same quality . These are our strengths”, said Daniel Salomón.
     “Today, we are more than a 100 people at LIF. In the last 8 years, LIF has produced more than 450 million pharmaceutical units (PU) for primary healthcare system of Santa Fe province and more than 150 million PU for the Health Ministry of the National Government. We want to maintain these numbers in the future and even to improve them”, said Diego Bruno.

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