Thursday, April 27, 2017

José Natanson* visited LIF

The journalist and political scientist visited LIF. Meeting with LIF’s Board of Directors.

     The renowned Argentinian journalist José Natanson, Le Monde Diplomatique’s Director, visited LIF.
     Jorge Stettler, Diego Bruno, Guillermo Cleti and Carlos Arques (LIF’s Board of Directors); Guillermo Álvarez (Trustee) and Roberto Ganin (General Manager) welcomed Natanson and they shared information about the history, the present and the future of LIF.
     The public production of medicines for Santa Fe’s healthcare system and other different jurisdictions (such as the National Government); the production of orphan and critical drugs; the relationship with the technology and scientist world; the investment in building, equipment and staff training were some topics informed to the visitor.
     After meeting, the LIF’s facilities were visited by everybody.

*José Natanson
journalist and political scientist, he worked as writer and columnist at Página/12.

Usual collaborator for different national and Latin America media.
He led programs on radio and TV. He was editorial office’s boss in New Society newspaper.
He was PNUD advisor. His last book is called: "La nueva izquierda. Triunfos y derrotas de los gobiernos de Argentina. Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brasil y Ecuador", Debate-Random House Mondadori (2007).

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