Thursday, July 26, 2018

Health Staff Members from Reconquista Nodo Visited LIF

Health professionals and staff members of administration areas from different cities and towns of Reconquista Nodo participated in this activity, which included a lecture and a tour on the facilities.

Hospital directors, physicians, pharmacists, nurses and administrative employees arrived at LIF with the objective of knowing about public production of medicine, as well as exploring the different LIF’s areas.

Luciana Ramoa (Reconquista Nodo’s director) and Daniela Sponton (Coordinator of Medicines of Reconquista Nodo) led the delegation.

Intiyaco, Tartagal, Vera, Romang, Las Tostas, Florencia, Reconquista, Villa Ocampo, Avellaneda and Arrollo Ceibal were the places from where they arrived.

First, LIF’s Board of Directors welcomed the visitors and then LIF’s Communication Area led the different activities.

“We promote an important politics through which we want to open LIF to the community and everyone can know how LIF produces and controls its medicines”, expressed Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Director)

Reconquista Nodo (Region No. 1)

The Region No. 1 has its Nodo in Reconquista city. It is located in the Northeast of Santa Fe province. It limits with Chaco province (North); with Corrientes province (East); with Region No. 2 (West) and with Region No. 3 (South).

The Region includes the departments: General Obligado, San Javier and Vera.

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