Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lecture and Workshops at Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

    Instituto Nacional del Cáncer presented the Pilot Program for the provision of drugs to pain treatment in patients with cancer.
    LIF’s board members Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno and Guillermo Cleti participated in this meeting that took place at the headquarters of the Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.
    Also, the LIF’s staff managers who attended this meeting were Roberto Ganin, Oscar Prendes, Cecilia Selis, Roxana Mandrile, Patricia Peirotti and Silvina Mugni.
    LIF’s board member Carlos Arques gave a lecture about LIF’s history, present and future while Patricia Peirotti (LIF’s Quality Assurance Manager) delivered a presentation about Development and Research for new medicines.
    After the lectures, physicians and pharmacists from different hospitals where people under oncology therapy receive attention participated in the workshop about the provision of Metadona.
    Metadona is a drug used for the treatment of pain in oncology patients.
    Other important people who attended this meeting were Dr. Jaime Lasovski, Dr. Carlos Chiale, Dr. Jorge Zarzur, Dra. Norma Belixan, Dr. Javier Osatnik, Dra. Graciela Jacob and Dr. Roberto Wenk.

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