Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meeting of public laboratories

    On Wednesday 17th, a meeting of public laboratories of production of medicines took place in Santa Fe city.
    The laboratories present at this meeting were those with ANMAT *habilitation of their production areas and with national certificate of their medicines.
    Sergio Maroevich (LEM - Rosario), Juan Müller (LEM - Rosario), Patricia Rivadulla (Instituto Biológico - La Plata), Gerardo Poggioli (Instituto Biológico - La Plata), Miguel Demalde (Laboratorios Puntanos - San Luis), Daniel Salomón (LIF - Santa Fe), Roberto Ganin (LIF - Santa Fe), Carlos Arques (LIF - Santa Fe), Carlos Minatti (LIF - Santa Fe), Diego Bruno (LIF - Santa Fe) and Guillermo Cleti (LIF - Santa Fe) attended the meeting. They worked a preliminary draft about an agreement to sign in the future by these laboratories.
    The main objective will be to provide mutual assistance between the laboratories in the production of medicines.

Joint venture 

    The laboratories members decided to work together in the production of medicines for the National Program REMEDIAR. 
    Every year, REMEDIAR announces international bids to buy different medicines.
    REMEDIAR program delivers medicines to 7000 CAPS** in Argentina.

*ANMAT: Administración Nacional de Medicamentos Alimentos y Tecnología Médica. It’s the highest health authority in Argentina in control of medicines, food and medical devices.

** CAPS (Centros de Atención Primaria de la Salud) are centers of primary healthcare.

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