Monday, August 12, 2013

Demand Management System

    In July 2005, LIF created a Demand Management System (SISGEDEM: Sistema de Gestión de la Demanda).
    This system has information about the quantity and the prices of all medicines used by the Health public System in Santa Fe province since July 2005.
    The system receives quantity and prices of medicines used in twenty-one hospitals that represent the 53% of the total of the provincial hospitals. Then, the system extrapolates this information to 100%.

    This database has information about:
· medicines bought by the Health Ministry (central level); 
· medicines bought by every hospital (local level),
· medicines delivered by LIF and LEM (public production of medicines),
· medicines delivered by national programs.

    SISGEDEM is an essential database for consulting information about medicines and for the decision making of buying or producing drugs for being delivered.

    SISGEDEM gives eleven possible customized reports. Some of them are:

· consumer ranking by drug,
· price ranking, 
· ATC classification of drugs, 
· And consumer ranking by hospital. 

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