Friday, October 31, 2014

LIF participated in a French and Argentine Mission

LIF’s Directors, Santa Fe’s Town Hall civil servants, private business owners and UNL’s scientists participated in the Mission. It took place in Poitiers and París. There was a meeting at Argentina’s Embassy.

     The Mission took place from October 6th to 10th in Poitiers and París (France).
     César Daniel Salomón and Diego Bruno (LIF’s Directors) attended the French and Argentine Mission of Collaboration and Assistance in Biotechnology. They had a schedule of meeting with researchers from Poitiers University and members of different biotechnology companies.
     On October 6th, Mission’s members had a meeting at Argentina’s Embassy in France.
     María del Carmen Squeff (Argentina’s Ambassador in France) received the visitors. After the meeting, all of them shared a lunch.
     Carlos Pereira, (Government Secretary of Santa Fe city); Simón González, (Foreign Trade Agency of Santa Fe city); Javier Lotterberger, (Dean of FByCSB*); Daniel Scacchi (CETRI - LITORAL** Director); Verónica Godoy (CETRI-LITORAL Member); Marcelo Murguía, (Researcher of FByCSB*); Hugo Ortega, [Member of CCM(2) - UNL]; Juan Manuel Peralta (Lipomize S.R.L) and Guillermina Forno (Zelltek S.A.) also attended in the Mission.
     Finally on October 10th, Mission’s members had a meeting with Alain Claeyes (Poitiers’ Mayor); Yves Jean (Dean of Poitiers University); Mustapha Belgsir (Grand Poitiers’ President) and María del Carmen Squeff (Argentina’s Ambassador in France).

(*) FByCSB - UNL: Facultad de Bioquímica y Ciencias Biológicas de la UNL.
(**) CETRI – LITORAL: Centro para la Transferencia de los Resultados de la Investigación.
(1) UNL: Universidad Nacional del Litoral - National Univrsity of Litoral.
(2) CCM: Center for Comparative Medicine of UNL.

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