Friday, October 31, 2014

Pharmacists from Nodo Rosario visited LIF

     On October 28th, pharmacist from Nodo Rosario visited LIF.
     First, Guillermo Cleti and Diego Bruno (LIF’s Directors) welcomed the visitors.
     Then, Claudio Casals (Production Manager) gave a lecture about “LIF’s Management Model” and then Silvina Mugni (Quality Control Manager) talked about “Quality of Medicines”.
     After this meeting, the different areas (production, quality control and storage) were shown to the visitors.
     Viviana Mahieu, María Alejandra García Álvarez, Analía Bo and María Alejandra Martoglia (Pharmacy Inspection of Santa Fe - 2nd Division), Alejandra Elizalde (Technical Director - Hospital de Emergencias Clemente Álvarez), Sergio Torrisi (Technical Director - HEEP*) and Yamila García (Pharmacist HEEP*) participated in this activity.

HEEP*: Hospital Escuela Eva Perón de Baigorria

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