Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Members of the city hall of Córdoba and of the national Health Ministry visited LIF

     Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno, César Daniel Salomón and Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Board of Directors) welcomed the visitors.
     Gabriel Acevedo (Córdoba’s Health Secretary), Belén Bottasso (Córdoba’s Pharmacy Director); Sergio Oviedo (Córdoba’s Pharmacy Sub Director), Jorge Zarzur (Executive Director of the National Program of Public Production of Medicines, Vaccines and Medical Devices) and Arturo Hoya (Technical Adviser of the National Health Ministry) participated in this meeting.
     They exchanged information about the different experiences in health and medicines.
     The Córdoba’s Health Secretary has a public laboratory of medicines. This produces medicines for public hospitals in Córdoba city.
     The Health Secretary wants to improve the know how and technologies in its laboratory in order to increase its production volume. The approbation of the Health Ministry of Córdoba is also another wish to reach.
     The visitors and LIF members talked about an agreement of mutual collaboration and assistance in the production of medicines.
     In the next days, LIF and the Health Secretary might sign this agreement.
     Carlos Minatti (LIF’s Trustee) and Roberto Ganín (LIF’s General Manager) also participated in the meeting.
     After this meeting, the different areas (production, quality control and storage) were shown to the visitors.

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