Friday, November 28, 2014

LIF participated in the IV Provincial Seminar of Public Health

The seminar took place on November 13rd and 14th, in the Estación Belgrano in Santa Fe city.

     LIF’s board of directors: Guillermo Cleti, Diego Bruno, César Daniel Salomón and Diego Bruno attended the seminar.
     LIF had a stand where Melina Uriarte, Facundo Arques and Edgardo Ramirez (LIF’s staff members) handed out LIF’s printed material and answered questions to the visitors.
     Carlos Arques participated in a forum called “Government - Medicines - Market” in which he talked about public production of medicines in Santa Fe.
     More than 2600 people from different places of Santa Fe province participated in the lectures and workshops. Most of these people were public health workers (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, public servants and health administrators).

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