Thursday, January 7, 2016

New LIF’s President

Santa Fe’s new Health Minister, Miguel González, is also the new LIF’s President.

     Since December 11, Miguel Ciro González is the new Santa Fe’s Health Minister. Since this day, he is automatically the new LIF’s President because the LIF’s Creation Law (N° 11.657) says that.
     The new LIF’s President is a biochemist and has a Degree in Health Management Systems (UNR*).

     In May, 2008, he worked as the IAPOS’ (1) Director.
     In 2010, he was the Director of the Technical Committee of COSPRA (2).
     In December, 2013, he was named Santa Fe’s Health Secretary. He remained in this position until December, 2015.

* UNR: National University of Rosario.
1 - IAPOS: Santa Fe’s social health insurance for civil servants.
2 - COSPRA: Confederación de Obras Sociales Provinciales de la República Argentina - Provincial Federation of Social Health Insurance of Argentina.

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