Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Health Minister had a meeting with LIF’s Directors

The meeting took place at LIF. They analysed the different projects for 2016. Improving the population access to medicines and increasing the provision of medicines from the Health Ministry will be the main objectives.

     Santa fe’s Health Minister and LIF Committee's President, Miguel González, had a meeting with LIF’s Directors where they analysed the different projects, those which started in the last year as much as those for 2016.
     Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno and Daniel Salomón (LIF’s Directors) and Carlos Minatti (Trustee) participated in the meeting.
     “During 2015, LIF developed an important experience in the purchase of medicines. The Administration Secretary and the Pharmacy Direction of the Health Ministry also participated in this task. We want to improve this strategy even more”, said Miguel González.
     “Today, LIF is the main manager to buy medicines for The Public Health System in Santa Fe, so in 2016, we want to start developing the formulas of some of these medicines in order to produce them at LIF in the future”, said Daniel Salomón.
     “The Health Minister also want to improve the distribution of the medicines in Santa Fe province. We think that we can help in this topic. Since 2008, LIF has produced medicines for The National Health Ministry and since 2011 for other provinces and cities, so we have achieved an important experience in the distribution of our medicines.”, expressed Diego Bruno.
     After the meeting, everybody visited the building for the new Administration Area. This building is in its final stage. It includes the remodeling and expansion of the Administration Area in almost 700 m2. Around $8.000.000 were invested in this building. Much of this economic resources came from the sales of medicines to the National Health Ministry.
     “Probably, in March we will be inaugurating this new area on the ground level where we will provide our employees with better work conditions. We agreed with the Health Minister to continue with the last stage in this building that include the building of the offices on the first floor”, said Carlos Arques.

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