Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meeting with the Santa Fe’s General Trustee

LIF’s Directors received Emiliano Arzuaga, General Trustee of Santa Fe, and they had a meeting.

     LIF’s Director Daniel Salomón, Guillermo Cleti and Carlos Arques, received Emiliano Arzuaga (Santa Fe’s General Trustee) and Ana Clara Minetti (Coordination and Supervision Manager of Local Office and UIA*.
     The aim of the visit was to publicize the work being done by the Trustee in its capacity internal control body of the Provincial Executive and in particular the operation of the Health Delegation.
     The General Syndicate (GS) is the internal control body of the provincial Government.
     Informing about the activities of the GS and the activities of the Health Local Office were the main objectives of this meeting.
     LIF’s directors gave information about the different activities that LIF has been making and the projects for 2016.
     After the meeting, the building for the new Administration Area was shown to the visitors.

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