Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Internal control at State Companies and Societies

LIF’s Directors and Trustee participated in a lecture organized by SIGEP*. Exchanging experiences, methodologies and the way of working were the main objectives. Public servants from different companies were present.

     LIF’s Directors Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno, Guillermo Cleti and Guillermo Álvarez (LIF’s Trustee) participated at the lecture “Internal Control at State Companies and Societies”. This activity was organized by General Syndicate of Santa Fe province. It took place on July, 1st at Professional Council of Economic Sciences - Santa Fe city.
     Emiliano Arzuaga (Santa Fe's General Trustee) and Mariano Cuvertino (Government Secretary of Santa Fe province) welcomed the attendees.
     Exchanging experiences, methodologies and the way of working between the different state companies were the main objectives.
     LIF SE; Radio y TV Santafesina; Empresa Provincial de Energía (EPE); Túnel Subfluvial; Aguas Santafesinas SA (ASSA) and Banco de Santa Fe - SAPEM were present.
     Alejandro Fabián Díaz (Audit Manager of Companies and Societies - National General Syndicate) delivered a lecture and then he also participated in a technical meeting with staff members of audit control of the different state institutions.

*SIGEP: “Sindicatura General de la Provincia”. General Syndicate (GS) is the internal control body of the provincial Government.

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