Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meeting at Health Committee in the Lower House of National Congress

It was organized by Health Committee to treat projects about public production of medicines. LIF’s Directors delivered a lecture.
     Diego Bruno, Jorge Stettler and Guillermo Cleti participated in the meeting organized by Health Committee belonging to the Lower House of the National Congress.
     The main objectives of this meeting were: to exchange information and to treat projects about public production of medicines in the short and medium term.
     The meeting took place on April, 25th at Lower House - Annex Building A.
     The Lawmakers Carolina Gaillard (Health Committee’s President), Berta Arenas and Jorge Franco welcomed the attendees and coordinated the activity.
     LIF’s Directors delivered a lecture about the important experience in public production of medicines in Santa Fe, since 1947.
     “We represent the province (Santa Fe) where public production of medicines is a state policy. We are an important referent in this topic. We consider the medicines such a common good and we think all people must access to medicines in time and without cost. In Santa Fe province there are three public laboratories with national approval by ANMAT: LIF, LEM(1) and the Planta Piloto of UNR(2). This is unique in Argentina”, expressed Guillermo Cleti.
     The advance in the new building to research and develop tuberculosis’ medicines, production of orphan drugs and the delivery of medicines to National Health Ministry were other topics expressed by LIF’s Directors.
     Hermes Binner (Santa Fe’s Lawmaker), Adolfo Sánchez de León (ANLAP*’s President); other lawmakers from different parties; representatives from: Laboratorio PROZOME (Río Negro province), Laboratorio de Hemoderivados (National University of Córdoba), Instituto Biológico Tomás Perón, UPM - La Plata(1) and Talleres Protegidos (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) also participated in the meeting.

LIF’s important numbers:
- Since 2008, LIF has delivered more than 150 million of tablets of different medicines for national programs.
- Since 2014, LIF has delivered more than 1 million of tablets of methadone and morphine for National Institute of Cancer.

(*) ANLAP: Agencia Nacional de Laboratorios Públicos - National Agency of public laboratories.
(1) LEM: Laboratorio de Especialidades Medicinales de la ciudad de Rosario.
(2) Planta Piloto - UNR: Test laboratory - Pharmacy School, National University of Rosario
(3) UPM: Unidad de Producción de Medicamentos de la facultad de Ciencias Exactas de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Production of medicines of Exact Sciences School - National University of La Plata)

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