Thursday, December 7, 2017

LIF Received the 2017 Honorary Brigadier Award

LIF was honored with a honorary award. The ceremony was organized by Asociación de Dirigentes de Empresas (ADE*)

     Miguel González (Santa Fe province’s Health Minister and LIF’s Chairman);
     Carlos Arques, Diego Bruno, Jorge Stettler, and Guillermo Cleti (LIF’s Board of Directors); Guillermo Álvarez (LIF’s Trustee); and Roberto Ganin (LIF’s General Manager) participated in the ceremony of the Brigadier Awards.
     This activity was organized by ADE.
     In the last 42 years, ADE has wanted to recognise successful companies from Santa Fe province.
     In this opportunity, LIF received the Honorary Award for its important trajectory during the last 70 years.
     It was the first time in which ADE gave an award to a public institution.

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