Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New LIF’s President

Santa Fe’s new Health Minister, Andrea Uboldi, is also the new LIF’s President.
     Since December 11, Andrea Uboldi is the new Santa Fe’s Health Minister. Since this day, she is automatically the new LIF’s President because the LIF’s Creation Law (No 11.657) expresses that attribute.
     Andrea Uboldi, is a pediatrician who specializes in infectious diseases.
     Since December 2007, she was the Provincial Director of Health Prevention and Promotion.
     In December 2016, she was named Sub Secretary of First and Second Level for Healthcare. She remained in this position until December 10, 2017.
     “We have important challenges in the short term such as the inauguration of the Santa Fe’s Centre of Medical Specialities, where we want to give a medical answer of quality for outpatients. It will be a solution for all specialities,” expressed Uboldi.
     “The inauguration of the new hospital in Reconquista and the new Iturraspe hospital in Santa Fe city will be our goal in the medium term as well as to continue making basic health care equipments along the province,” added Uboldi.

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