Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Santa Fe Province’s Government Delivered 25 Ambulances at LIF Headquarters


LIF headquarters was the host of this formal ceremony. 25 new ambulances will be incorporated to the SIES*. 

      The main objective of this activity was to strengthen the Net of Emergency and Transport, one important link at the provincial health system.
     The new ambulances was delivered to different cities and towns of Santa Fe province such as: Reconquista/Avellaneda (1), Villa Ocampo (1), Florencia (1), Rafaela (1), Tostado (1), Arrufó (1), Ambrosetti (1), Santa Fe (2), La Pelada (1), San Jerónimo del Sauce (1), Santo Domingo (1), Gobernador Crespo (1), Villa Amelia (1), Rosario (1), Villa Constitución (1), Cañada de Gómez (1), San Lorenzo (1), San Jorge (2), Maciel (1), Venado Tuerto (1), Rufino (1), Murphy (1), and Sancti Spiritu (1).
     Carlos Fascendini (Santa Fe province’s Vice Governor) and Miguel González (Santa Fe province’s Health Ministry) led the ceremony which took place at LIF’s headquarters.
     “These ambulances have all the equipment such as a mobile intensive care room and they are ready to be incorporated to the SIES*,” said Miguel González.
     Rodrigo Borla (Senator by San Justo department); Francisco Sánchez Guerra (Sub Secretary of Emergencies and Transportation); LIF’s Board of Directors; and authorities and staff of DIPAES(1) also participated at the ceremony.

*SIES: Sistema Integrado de Emergencias Sanitarias - Integrated System of Health Emergencies.
(1) DIPAES: Dirección Provincial de Accidentología y Emergencia Sanitaria - Provincial Direction of Accidentology and Health Emergency.

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